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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are a great way to give your home a new lease on life — not to mention improve your overall property value. To minimize both the costs and the disruption, however, you will need to time your remodel correctly. Many homeowners naturally assume that the warm months of summer make the best time.

Unfortunately, this train of thought does not always hold true. In fact, many home experts now recommend scheduling kitchen and bath remodels for the winter months instead. If the logic behind that strategy seems unusual to you, keep reading. This article lays out six key reasons why winter often makes the best time for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Contractor Availability

There's a good reason why the spring and summer months are frequently referred to as remodeling season: contractors usually have a lot more work on their plates at that time. Competition also tends to be quite a bit fiercer. As a result, you may find it difficult to find a contractor willing to take on your project.

Competitive Prices

The decreased amount of competition in winter also often benefits homeowners when it comes to project costs. Contractors who want to keep their work crews busy often decrease prices as business slows. Even a contractor doesn't make such price cuts clear at the outset, you will stand a far better chance of negotiating a discount once their bid is in.

Material Availability

Supply and demand trends don't just affect the price of building materials — they also affect their availability. Even the best building supply retailers frequently run out of commonly used materials during busy spring and summer months. As a result, remodel projects often stall out while contractors wait for the inventory needed to continue.

Travel Timing

The winter is an especially great time to schedule remodeling projects if you and your family plan to be away for any significant amount of time. Being without a bathroom or kitchen presents little inconvenience for those with holiday travel plans. By contrast, summertime projects can be far more disruptive — especially for families with children on summer vacation.

Quicker Approval

Most local governments have clear standards that contractors must follow when undertaking construction projects. These standards govern everything from worksite safety, to construction regulations, to building materials and specifications. You or your contractor will likely need to apply for work permits if your remodel project involves any of the following:

Dust Control Advances

One of the most common concerns homeowners raise about winter remodeling projects has to do with their indoor air quality. This is a logical concern, since your windows will likely remain closed during the entirety of the project. Even relatively minor remodel jobs still manage to generate significant amounts of dust and debris.





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