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A new year and a new decade are upon us. That means that among the many changes we'll see in the next several months, we can expect to see a transition to new and innovative home design trends. In some cases, this may include a callback to classic styles; in others, we may discern a desire to reconnect with the warmth of nature.

Whatever the case may be, here are some trends that are sure to be in vogue for 2020, (as well as some fads that are on the run from the fashion police):

In: Bold Colors, Prints, and Patternsbold pattern bedroom

Going big is all the rage now. Whereas previous years saw the advent of minimalist home designs, now the pendulum has swung in the other direction, and homeowners want their living spaces to reflect the color and vibrancy of their personality.

This plays out in all aspects of home décor, even in monochromatic schemes. Walls and trim awash in a single, rich color provide an encompassing, dynamic ambiance to a home's interior. Bold, even zany prints and patterns can add humor and excitement to a room's character. Even smaller touches, like natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves in an otherwise white-washed kitchen, or kitchen cabinets layered with rich tones, contribute to a personality with real pop!

Out: Perfect White Spaceswhite interior design

While personality has made a comeback, perfection is on its way out. People have to deal with the cold efficiency of corporations and institutions on a daily basis, and don't want any part of it when they come home. Instead, homeowners are increasingly trending towards the "lived in" look, and want warm tones and "imperfect" design to make their living spaces comfortable and relaxing.

This is nowhere more evident than in kitchen design trends. Whereas the all-white kitchen was in style a few short years ago, now people are doing whatever they can to inject some warmth into their cooking and dining spaces. Bright and bold paint schemes are in; subway tiles and industrial vibes are out.

In: Multi-functional Spaces Multifunctional-Space

More and more homeowners are recapturing wasted space by maximizing the utility of each room. For instance, more and more closets are serving a double function: as a storage area, as well as a cozy office. Sunrooms can easily be converted into dining spaces. The list of possible combinations is virtually endless.

This trend offers exceptional versatility when it comes to personal preference, as it speaks to those who are searching for a more open, studio-apartment-type concept, as well as those who have space optimization sensibilities rooted in the tiny house movement.

Out: Formal Space Separationformal-living-room

On the other hand, partitioning a home's living area into strict categories often leads to a lot of unused space. Think of a spare bedroom that stays empty for most of the year, or formal dining rooms that are used maybe once every two or three months.

It's no surprise that many people are opting for a more fluid, open design template for their living spaces. Others have already converted the rarely used portions of their home into more functional spaces, such as storage areas


In: Grey Wood Flooring

grey flooring

Dark wood floors, such as grey American maple, can offer a paradoxically modern and rustic character to a home's interior design. The rich tones that wood flooring provides can enhance an area's elegance, and complement bold palette choices on the walls and furniture. Grey floors in particular can bring out the dynamism of deep blue tones, as well as provide a striking accent against classic white elements.




Out: Unfinished Concrete Flooringconcrete floors

Concrete as an interior design option was perhaps at its peak in the 90's. Nowadays, though, many homeowners view unfinished concrete floors as an excessively stark stylistic choice.

Unfinished concrete can create feelings of distance and clinical efficiency - not the qualities that most homeowners are aiming to stimulate by their interior decoration. With their flat and "industrial" characteristics, concrete floors offer an unwelcome reminder of all the struggles that homeowners must face in the outside world.

Along with all the other bold design trends that are growing in popularity, expect dark, rich-colored interior doors and trim to become more prevalent. Doors with dark and/or bold tones, such as navy blue, rich burgundy, or lush forest green, can add a powerful artistic punch to a room's décor.

Instead of serving merely as a functional piece of hardware to separate one living space from another, these doors add a vital component to the dynamism of an area's design scheme. Moreover, the right choice of a front door can inject some elegance, warmth, or even fun into your home's exterior appearance.


Out: White Doors and Trim

white doors

White doors and trim are the default design choice for many homeowners. However, this traditional approach to home décor leaves many exciting opportunities on the table. In many cases, the classic white look is synonymous with a dull, even boring color scheme.

There is also the risk that white doors and trim, matched up with other white design elements, can cause the character of a room to convey sterility, coldness, even lifelessness. This is primarily true of interior design; however, selecting an insipid front door design can detract from the home's exterior as well.




Developing and Implementing Your Interior Design Scheme

The above list of stylistic choices, both those that are trending upwards as well as those trending downwards, only forms a small sample of the many changes in current fashion that we are seeing, or are sure to see in the near future. For the most part, the year 2020 promises to deliver design trends that are bolder, more colorful, and more aesthetically fluid than fads from the past couple of decades.

For some more home design ideas and inspiration, check out our galleries at Mozzone Lumber. If you'd like our design and construction experts to assist you in a home remodel, contact us today.




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