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Silestone-kimbler-mist-custom-seriesSilestone - Kimbler Mist, Custom Series

Countertops are the most common kitchen upgrade and often the item renovators are willing to splurge on, according to a study of 2018 Kitchen Trends by Houzz. And rightfully so—your choice in countertop material is a direct reflection of both your lifestyle and your taste. To help you along in your renovations, let’s discuss the countertop trends that 2018 has brought so far. 


That same Houzz study noted that granite is on the decline and that 2018 is certainly the year of the quartz countertop. While granite has remained a strong contender over the years, more and more renovators are being drawn to quartz’s benefits. The perks of quartz are threefold: it’s non-porous, low-maintenance, and comes in a wide variety of colors to fit any homeowner’s style.

msistone-iced-white-quartz-1                 MSI - Iced White Quartz

Seamless Sinks

Modern renovators are looking to declutter their kitchen countertops, and that leads us to the next trend: seamless sinks. Seamless sinks are made from the same material you chose for your countertop. The sink blends with the rest of your countertop, which makes for a minimalistic and sleek look. An added bonus: seamless sinks simplify clean-up, as you won’t worry about food and dirt buildup where traditional sinks and countertops meet.


Nothing says luxury like an elegant marble countertop. This natural stone, though pricey, offers durability along with its unmistakable style.

ca-211632-ndl-skara-brae-1260x960-1             Cambria | Skara Brae Marble Collection

Reclaimed Wood

Wood countertops offer a warm and inviting look, and reclaimed wood is a great option for the sustainable renovator. It’ll offer a touch of rustic charm to a modern home or fit perfectly into the country-style kitchen.

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